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Demographic Research

Demographic Research in the Institute for Economic Advancement provides a setting for research and public service in the area of population studies. wire-people

Research Functions:

  • Represent the State of Arkansas in the Federal-State Cooperative Programs for Population Estimates (FSCPE) and Projections (FSCPP) with the U.S. Bureau of the Census
  • Produce population estimates and projections
  • Provide customized data analysis
  • Conduct short-term and long-term research projects
  • Initiate and participate in externally-funded research projects
  • Participate in professional activities

Public Service Functions:

  • Provide demographic data, analysis, and expertise
  • Educate the public with respect to population-related issues

The goal of Demographic Research is to describe and project demographic change and analyze the causes and consequences of the observed population-related patterns. The research team serves the public and private sectors as well as nonprofit organizations.

Demographic Research follows a multidisciplinary approach to population analysis that is both academically sound and directly relevant to the public and private sectors. As part of the Research Group in the Institute for Economic Advancement, Demographic Research collaborates closely with Economic, Business, and Survey Research. State-of-the-art computer technology is used for the research and public service activities. With its close links to the Census State Data Center and the Geographic Information Systems Laboratory (GIS), also housed within the Institute for Economic Advancement, the research team has immediate access to U.S. Bureau of the Census data sources and geographic information and spatial analysis systems.

Typical research activities include among many other functions: population projections for the state of Arkansas and its counties, research briefs commenting on Arkansas' demographic growth patterns, special studies focusing on population subgroups, and data releases regarding internal migration patterns.

Summary findings from the projects are provided on the homepage of Demographic Research. Detailed reports presenting the data and analyzing the major results are published on a regular basis. Customized demographic analyses and data sets can be produced upon request. The reports, analyses, and data products can be purchased on a cost-recovery basis.

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Demographic Research
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