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April Campbell Community Economic Development Specialist IEA Director's Office 501-569-8551
Michael Collins Community Economic Development Specialist IEA Director's Office 501-683-7407
Inderpreet (Sunny) Farmahan Senior GIS Coordinator GIS 501-569-8721
Michael Gerfen Senior Coordinator Community Workforce Analysis and Assistance 501-569-8978
Jan Gibson Business Manager IEA Director's Office 501-569-8588
Gregory Hamilton
Senior Research Economist Economic Research 501-569-8571
Susan Jackson Desktop Publisher and Graphic Design IEA Director's Office 501-569-8173
Geoffery Joseph Application Programmer Census State Data Center 501-569-8531
Kevin Koonce GIS Analyst GIS 501-569-8288
Grainger Ledbetter
Labor Education Specialist Labor Education Program 501-569-8478
Terre McLendon Senior Research Coordinator Community and Industry Studies Research 501-569-8550
Cody McMunn
Fiscal Support Specialist IEA Director's Office 501-569-8483
Michael Pakko State Economic Forecaster IEA Director's Office 501-569-8541
Phyllis Poché Director Census State Data Center 501-569-8534
David Rasmussen Database Specialist Data and Research 501-569-8573
Diane Thomas-Holladay Director Labor Education Program 501-569-8477
Deano Traywick GIS Analyst GIS 501-569-8946
Janet Turner-Dooley Administrative Assistant II Data and Research 501-569-8530
Alison Wiley Demographic Research Census State Data Center 501-569-8574
Randy Wright IEA Deputy Director IEA Director's Office 501-569-3444
Jim Youngquist IEA Executive Director   501-569-8471